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2019, Blog, english

Rape Game (eng)

On Valve’s Steam gaming platform, a game has received special attention. Rape Game. A game in which rape is part of the storyline and absolutely necessary to get further.

The outcry and the reporting was accordingly large worldwide. But also controversially discussed in some forums. The majority of the games that storm the charts every month are usually games in which it is part of the story to kill opponents. Either targeted individual or equal in masses. Sometimes as a protagonist in self-defense, or targeted.

If we now go into detail, the question arises why we are not in masses shocked by games in which killing is part of everyday life. Besides rape, Rape Game also requires the killing of women. But the killing process was rarely or not at all criticized in the discussion. If the game hadn’t been called Rape Game but Zombie Apocalypse Perverse, nobody would probably have noticed it.

Since killer games don’t make anybody a killer, rape games don’t make anybody a rapist. This opinion was not rare to read. A hairy affair. In a discussion you would have lost already, because you are pro Rape.

But we must also handle our media consumption more honestly. It is not only in computer games that people are killed, dismembered and now raped. Also on television, cinema or streaming service. Violence is entertainment. For decades. And so far this has hardly disturbed anyone. There are age classifications and good is. But nobody gets upset about television. There it is only a story. In the computer you are a participant in the plot. I say provocatively: an actor in the story. Are we accusing actors of their roles? Or the scriptwriters? The filmmakers?

What about reality? We produce weapons, we sell weapons in crisis areas and we get involved in wars. Some civilized states also provoke them. The handful of opponents of war policy, which necessarily produces deaths and rape victims, are confronted with security aspects. We must protect ourselves and others. Yes, exactly. That is the story in which we are all involved. Ours. And let us be honest. The majority doesn’t care at all about killing and raping in real life.